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Francesca the Tranny Fox
Not avaliable
Aliases Frankie (Formerly Frank)
Occupation Villain
Species Vixen
Friends and Allies Edgar Ektor, Boo the Sinister Cat
Enemies Aero the Acro-Bat, Ariel the Acro-Bat, Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel
Rivals Aero the Acro-Bat
Powers and Abilities Heart Slap
First Appearance Aero the Acro-Bat
Latest Appearance Aero the Acro-Bat 3: Return Of Ektor
Voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson
"How pretty am I?"

Francesca "Frankie" the Fancy Fox is a fanon character and Aero's love interest. Frankie is a despicable and rude fox who has an obsession for seeing others suffer.


Behind the sweet smile and adorable eyes, lays an insane beast with a secret love for pain. Frankie is an extremely mean fox who will do anything to see Aero and friends suffer. At first, Aero shortly had a small crush on her, that is, until he found out she was evil. Frankie is also revealed to be transgender and was formerly male.


Frankie is always rude to everyone, including her own parents. She is very unsocial and she has no friends, another reason for her unconditional hate towards Aero and others.


Frankie is a short, orange fox with blue eyes, long eyelashes and white muzzle, belly and paws. Frankie wears a black jacket with short sleeves, along with a white sweater and a pink skirt. She wears white and red leggings and black shoes.


Aero the Acro-Bat

At first, Frankie acted really nice and sweet to him, leaving Aero thinking Frankie was actually a hero. After he found out about her plan to kidnap him and his friends, Aero immediately fought Frankie and destroyed her plan. Frankie then left and came back, once again, with a new plan. The two turned rivals and Frankie is now one of Aero's biggest enemies.

Ariel the Acro-Bat

Before Aero even knew her, Frankie had killed Ariel and got rid of her corpse. Frankie was jealous of Ariel and wanted to be Aero's girlfriend (one of the reasons why she wanted to kidnap him). Aero is still searching for the person who killed Ariel to this day, not knowing Frankie was actually the one who killed her.

Edgar Ektor

Even though Edgar and Frankie have never been seen together, it is known that Frankie is one of his allies and has helped him in many plans. Their relationship is unknown.

Boo the Sinister Black Cat

Frankie and Boo have worked together in many occasions. Frankie would often ask Boo to cast spells on Aero so it would be easier for Frankie to defeat him, though it never worked. It is unknown if Frankie and Boo are friends or simply allies, though Aero once stated that they are best friends with the dream of ruling the world.

Powers and Abilities

Even though Frankie doesn't really know any fighting moves other than punching, slapping and kicking, she can use her tail to slap opponents from a distance and also runs very quickly on all-four.


  • "What's so funny about my clothes? Huh?!"
  • "Fool! We're all gonna die!"
  • "You have no sense of fashion."
  • "I always wear the lastest trends!"
  • "Shut up, Batman!"
  • "I'm the queen of everything that is pretty!"
  • "Out of my way, idiot."
  • "What's with the dumb insults?"
  • "You did not know I was Trans!".


  • Frankie was originally called Fiona. However, her name was changed due to unknown reasons.
  • Before she could be Aero's crush, Frankie killed Ariel (Aero's girlfriend) and got rid of her corpse. Aero is still searching for his girlfriend to this day; though, he has no idea Frankie was the one who killed her.