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Aero the Acro-Bat: Quest in Fairy Tale World is an upcoming game that is set to be launched in 2015.

Plot Summary

Aero is having a day off from the circus and was flying through the sky when suddenly he saw Mal the evil wizard, suspicious, he follows him while staying out of sight until he found him going inside Ektor's Museum of Horrors, he spies on the wizard and finds out that he has teamed up with Ektor and Orb, together they enter inside a magic book called Enchanted Fairy Tales. Aero knowing that they might be up to no good, decides to enter the magic book upon reading the book, he gets sucked inside it, he ends up in a very unusual place, in there he finds a little girl wearing a red hood talking to a human-disguised wolf, which Aero found very familiar, he then flies towards them, removes the beard and the hat, revealing to be the Big Bad Wolf, enraged he charges at the acrobatic bat, but Aero manages to drive him off. The girl introduces himself to be Little Red Riding Hood and thanks him for saving her life, he asks the girl if he had saw a wizard, a man wearing a clown mask and an armadillo, which she didn't see them and asks why he wants to find them, he tells the whole story, Red Riding Hood then decides to help him, thinking that maybe her grandma knows something about it, that's when Aero's latest adventure begin.


The gameplay is the same as the previous games, a 2D platforming game, Aero's moveset are the same, such as his signature Aerial Diagonal Drill attack and throwing a limited number of stars. The game has 20 worlds with three levels, each world is based on the fairy tales, such as The Woods, Pirate Ship and Wonderland, Aero is gonna be the only playeable character, while the friends that he makes are only gonna be support, although some will accompany him and can be seen in cutscenes, the bosses are the Fairy Tale's villains, such as the Big Bad Wolf, Wicked Witch of the West, Captain Hook and Queen of Hearts.


The worlds or stages as they're called in the game are fairy tale themed, there are a total of 20 stages each one with three levels(Or Acts as they're called in the game), after the third level Aero goes to another stage, after complete the third world you fight against a boss(Except the Little Red Riding Hood which serves as a tutorial).

  1. The Woods
  2. Grandma's House
  3. Hallway
  4. Wonderland
  5. Queen of Hearts's Castle
  6. Neverland
  7. Indian village
  8. Pirate Ship
  9. Agrabah
  10. Cave of Wonders
  11. Sultan's Palace
  12. The City
  13. Frosty Forest
  14. Snow Queen's Throne Room
  15. The Kingdom
  16. The Dark Forest
  17. Cursed Castle
  18. Jack's Backyard
  19. The Beanstalk
  20. Giant's Castle

Final Stage: Ektor and Mal's Flying Fortress