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Aero the Acro-Bat: Circus Zombies is an upcoming game for the Wii U in 2015. It is also in 3D!

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It was a normal day at the circus, when Aero heard that two new members requested to join the troupe. He and Tao Lee the Juggling Panda went to see their routines. The first one was named Sasha the Magic Squirrel. Her routine was amazing, so she was accepted. The next one was named Sabre the Mind Reading Wolf. He read Aero and Tao Lee's minds, so he was accepted as well. All of a sudden, they heard a super loud voice. It was Ektor. He had modified a bullhorn to make it go across multiple countries. He and Orb the Dynamic Armadillo were planning to spray a chemical on the citizens to destroy the circus, so it's up to the four heroes to journey to Ektor and Zero's newly constructed palace to free the citizens from their zombified state.


The game, like the original, requires you to complete tasks to find the exit gate for each level. After you beat a world, or before a boss battle, a cutscene will show.


On GamePad: A to jump, B for attack 1, X for attack 2, Y to use item, Start to access menu

On Remote: 2 to jump, 1 for attack 1, A for attack 2, B to use item, Plus to access menu

Playable Characters

Aero the Acro-Bat


  • A = Jump
  • B (While in midair, it) Diagonal drill attack if you press
  • B+down he's gonna do his diagonal drill attack downwards instead of upwards.
  • R= Throwing limited number of stars.
  • L (While in midair) flaps his wings and remains on the air for an instant it can also work when you press left or right+ L which is useful when crossing long holes.
  • L (While on a ladder) Makes him slide down the ladder quickly, useful for those who don't have patient to climb down a ladder.
  • Z (While in midair) Makes Aero lands at high speed and hits the ground with a punch, useful to crush enemies.
  • Z (while on the ground) Makes him to duck and if you move left or right or diagonal he's gonnal crawl.
  • A+Up Aero uses a sword if you can find one
  • L+Down Aero uses Erection slash.
  • R+L Aero uses shit bomb attack.