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Aero The Acro-Bat: Legend of the Space Circus is an upcoming game of the Aero The Acro-Bat series. It is going to be launched at 2015. It is the first game in the Aero series to combine both standard action-gaming elements with role-playing video game features. The worst fucking idea ever for a fannon game.

Plot Summary

Aero is on vacations from his circus and is trying to search for an adventure, along the way he finds a village named Amity, where he founds out about a flower called Phoenix Blossom, that is on a tree branch. The flower is said to only bloom under special circumstances, and the person who possesses it will be granted good luck. After getting the Phoenix Blossom, Aero is informed by an old man named Simon, that several small monsters have taken up residence around his town, and Aero rushes to beat them back. Not long after defeating them, Aero decides to go to a park where he meets a 10 years old girl called Lisa, who informs him that more monsters have been sighted on Silver Hill, located just up the path from the park she is strolling. After promising he will come back safely, Aero makes his way to the top of the hill, only to be surrounded by several small, round creatures called Qawks. Just then, he is rescued by a young hare on a motorcycle who calls himself Gunter. Together, Aero and Gunter leave to pursue a bounty-hunting career, only to run into a large rooster named Egbert, a bomb expert, who joins them because he wants to cure his son, Peepo, from the sleeping sickness. They all learn of a plot being conceived by a mad woman named Zafira, who has joined forces with some of Aero's other villains, Ektor and Orb. Together, Aero, Gunter, and Egbert must defeat Zafira and put an end to her sinister plans.


Taking a unique twist on the normal gameplay of the Aero handheld games, Aero The Acro-Bat: Legend of the Space Circus instead relies on the player moving Aero, Gunter, or Egbert across the screen from a top-down perspective, having them defeat enemies and earn experience points in the form of As (small, letter A with bat wings objects) and gold, which is used for currency, along the way. Aero once again utilizes his familiar moveset, the Star Throwing but this time the "star throwing" he can use it can be either blue or red. Gunter's handguns and Egbert's bombs work the same way. Characters can acquire different weapons throughout the game. Likewise, each enemy in the game is given a color affinity of either blue or red, and Aero(or the other characters) can deal more damage to them by attacking with the same color.

Restorative items can be either found in chests located sporadically throughout each level, or purchased from merchants in town. These items, when used, restore a portion of the character's hit points, as well as provide other small benefits. Characters can also "level up", which allows the player to place points of their choice in different statistics: such as attack power, defense, and agility. You can change the amount of points attributed to each stat at any time (when not in a section of a level).